Dear valued Clients & customers,

Samala Group is a Platform of multiple business associated with sister concerns. All of it’s wings activities will run by trending & experiencing on line e-commerce. 

Affiliated clients will financially benefited purchasing products and by small investment out of designed opportunities from the wings over on line as well as traditional business. Clients not only earn cash incentive instantly but also continuing and well into the future to build up a sound fund. We designed to strengthen financial position of our clients earn for safe invest and reinvest profitable projects honoring Govt’s rules and regulations in force for our associates. Beyond group’s own investment, the platform will raised the funds by shares among intending clients across the Bangladesh and abroad.

Samala platform wants to assure our clients that they can continue to relate us with confidence without any loss and risk, trust in store of 600 + brand products - on line Familyshop. Which already been started at many corners of  Capital - Dhaka, Bangladesh. Based on unique IT Lab different regional head office’s are under design to open depots & launching of products by December/2019 in the name of “ Samala Familyshop “  under wing Safelifecsl.

Samala’s expert team members are working across country & standing by ready to render home to home services to relate income through affiliated ID, Panel, Club and Binary source. Besides, enjoy exiting facilities in many stages.

Samala’s dream to run variety of  brand products, B2B and to act vendor under the umbrella of its all wing.

We want to build bond with our Client & customers to overcome barricades of collection of products in easy way as well as to earn & income over on line e- commerce staying at home. To achieve the goal, clients will find experts quick service at his door upon inquiry.

Samala’s elaborated Project profiles are under construction. However, in nutshell may please be visited. 

We are well-come the opportunity to serve present and long into the future.

Sincerely yours,


Mollah Liakot Hossain