It is true, if you have a life, you are a consumer & to be a customer of various products from any platform - outlets. Samala Group and its sister concerns builds value for its customers and shareholders. We play with its trained employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, team work, resourcefulness and creativity, by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner creating affiliate customer and agents. Samala’s associated Firm Safelifecsl’s goals are simple: to serve customers better, to always be relevant in their lives and to form lifelong relationships. Now, Customers services are in new ways - Speed, convenience, innovation, and personalization have become cornerstones of the customer experience. Guided by these new needs of , we continue to invest in the cross-channel experience, combining the accessibility of a pure online experience with the high-touch inclusivity. Recent figures says, on line based affiliate eCommerce markets & vendering is experiencing positive growth trends as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing business. Samala has high hopes for the future to tap this market which has immense potential in the name of “ Samala Familyshop” serving customer at home to home and man to man creating chain management all over the Bangladesh dividing many regions and also in certain country of abroad.


Mission in nutshell of Safelifecsl

Believe in people & act as one team with Entrepreneurial spirit awarding service home to home and man to man.
Cost-conscious lasting partnerships obeying the agreement and law.
Reward  to customers, shareholders & staff. Respect  to suppliers. Support to venders.
Take care of affiliated customers, increasing relation with associate engagement following gentility, honesty and utmost sincerity.
Celebrates the achievements of customers, associates & others.
Encourage creative thinking and intelligent risk-taking.
Open Door Policy grants all colleagues the opportunity to openly discuss any work-related issues..
Strive for sustainability in everything in the way of journey.
Safeguarding both employee and customer data, and respecting everyone’s privacy.
Zero tolerance of all forms of bribery, corruption & irregularity.